Austin Magruder

Handmade Geometric Art


After discovering his ability and passion for geometric art, Austin constantly challenges himself to expand the boundaries of geometric pattern. His use of vibrant colors intertwined with never ending paths results in a 3 dimensional surprise to the naked eye.

Austin had some schooling at Glassell School of Art, but is self taught in the realm of geometric art. He has always been creative and interested in arts as a means of escape. Over the past several years Austin started dedicating more of his time to his passion for creating art. 

Austin started coloring geometric patterns, primarily mandala drawings during Dialysis treatments in 2016. Eventually becoming inspired to learn to draw with a compass and ruler. One thing lead to another and now he has discovered over 120 tessellatons. During late 2018 to Spring 2020, Austin was a tenant at Sawyer Yards and attended several classes Glassell School of Art from 2019 to early 2020. 

Since this time, he worked for a commercial screen printer where he continued to foster appreciation for the art form and gain knowledge of the techniques and application of printmaking. He also started experimenting with his own screen printing set up and currently moves back and forth between larger format ink and paper and screen printing. 

His art has been displayed in various exhibitions and galleries including Reeves Art & Design, Archway Gallery, Watercolor Art Society Houston, Glassell School of Art, Hardy & Nance Studios, and Sawyer Yards.